Saturday, May 2, 2009

They really do grow on trees!

Today the VS5 Engine Tree delivered a beautiful but rough VS5 engine for my GS.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Is that a Parts Bike?

This is how the GS sat most of 2008, in parts. Everything is in neat little junk piles ready to take the journey to the sandblasters, powder coating, zinc plating, chroming etc. Most all the parts were extremely worn out to unusable condition to the benefit of the local vintage scooter dealers!

GS: The Day After 2007

March 2007: I brought the GS home and took this photo. Dig that 70's motorcycle seat cover! I very much left the bike together until I moved in August 2007, which I disassembled in November 2007. There was no way in hell that this bike was going to run in the condition it was in!

The Passing of the Guard: VBC to VS5

I figured if I started an article about my GS150 I would be forced to work on it to get it finished. Pictured here is the passing of the guard from my restored 1972 Vespa VBC 150 Super to my Vespa GS150, my dream scooter, on the night of a certain transaction. I actually forgot about this photo until I found it in my old photos.